The marketing operations is done through eight major divisions

SHRINIVAS MAIN DIVISION: The flagship division of Shrinivas has a wide range of more than 100 products in different specialities like, pain management, gastroenterology, haemostats, gynaecology, antioxidants including nutraceuticals etc. Some of the products like Clot, Fultos, Deecee & G-Folvin has lead our competitors to redefine their strategies. Click here for Product List
HIQEM: A Cardiac & Diabetic Super-speciality Division having the entire range of cardiac & diabetic products for cardiac & diabetes related ailments. Click here for Product List
PHARMAVISION: A Anti-TB Division has an entire Anti-Tuberculosis Products Range with a mission to fight tuberculosis. We strive to become leaders in the fight against tuberculosis. Click here for Product List
ESSEN PHARMACEUTICALS: The New division with a motive of making Healthcare Affordable for all. It is proud to have more than 100 products under its belt and have an aim to reach even the remotest villages to serve the humankind. Click here for Product List
LGS FORMULATIONS: The newest Herbal Division, launched with a promise of Safety & quality has devised a strategy for growth in terms of increasing its Customers by market expansion & a wide product range. Click here for Product List
SHRINIVAS VETERINARY: Animals and birds are natural partners of Homo sapiens (humans) on this earth. Their health is directly proportional to human life and hence it is obvious to keep them at their most active state of life. This division’s objective is to extend medicinal support to reduce their suffering and improve their life. Click here for Product List
SHRINIVAS DISCOVERY: This division offers new molecules that enhances recovery with minimum cost, improving quality of patient's life Click here for Product List
LGS ANTIBIOTICS: Infection from human life cannot be separated. Infection takes a huge toll of human life day in and day out. This division therefore wishes to get the life infection-free by extending support of quality antibiotics at the most affordable cost. Click here for Product List